OBSERVE WILDLIFE is a unique boutique safari operation that focuses on guiding exclusive, private and family safaris for small groups of not more than 8 persons to observe wildlife inside the World renowned Hwange National Park. The Award-winning and highly rated Wildlife Safari Guide, Kaz Dube, conducts all these exclusive and personalized safaris to observe wildlife inside Hwange National Park.


OBSERVE WILDLIFE guides you on a quintessential safari where you are immersed to observe the fascinating natural selection behavioral processes in wildlife. The Wildlife Safari Guide, Kaz Dube, interprets in real life the Age-old theme of the hunter and the hunted while you observe breathtaking wildlife survival activities on display. You will observe the stunning dominance combats and masses of wildlife in this great magical savanna known as Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. We want you to observe the heartbeat of Africa that is, our wildlife. Guided daily game-drives and walking safaris are the lifeblood of OBSERVE WILDLIFE.


Busy schedules and scattered lives that fill up most days throughout the year often make it difficult for families to spend quality time together. Putting aside the typical day-to-day commitments and responsibilities to be present for each other on a wildlife safari trip conducted in Africa is the best way to bond and become a closer family unit. Make lasting memories as you collaborate together on a family safari. Deepen and foster robust multi-generational connections as you observe wildlife. Create lifelong memories beginning before the safari while the family talks and plans the safari. A family safari is important, meaningful and beneficial because it incorporates everyone and all ages. A safari with OBSERVE WILDLIFE seeks to help your family to develop life skills together in empathy, patience, compromise, thought organization and empowering each other. Daily dinner family debriefs on safari after our activities to observe wildlife will perpetuate bonding, brings validation and active engagement.


OBSERVE WILDLIFE will conduct a masterclass safari for you to observe wildlife inside the pristine environment of Hwange National Park. The aim of OBSERVE WILDLIFE is to guide, reveal and expose the intricate natural wildlife interactions inside Hwange National Park. You will spend considerable time with each particular mammal specie and the Wildlife Safari Guide, Kaz Dube will share an increased amount of information about the animal being observed so as to greatly enhance the wildlife experience.


At our boutique KENNEDY SAFARI CAMP, Observe Wildlife seeks to disconnect you from the fast and furious world to connect you with the tranquility of nature and the astuteness of wildlife. The traditional tented camp is nestled in an exclusive secluded campsite. You’ll be able to observe wildlife in the vicinity of the camp and also during activities to observe wildlife.


We have designed a traditional, authentic and timeless masterclass wildlife experience akin of yesteryear explorers. We have made sure to avoid crowds and eliminate unnecessary artificial opulence so as to create a raw, rustic comfort safari camp exuberating a thrilling adventure with a focus to observe wildlife. Exclusive: the whole intimate, boutique 8-bed Meru-style tented camp belongs to you, your friends and family during the safari. Personalized: we focus on your specific wildlife interests narrowing every detail to your expectation. Unsurpassed guiding: Kaz Dube is a highly experienced and passionate Wildlife Safari Guide. You will learn a lot about wildlife being observed with information delivered in a simple but entertaining manner.


Dr. Jeff Williams (United Kingdom)

“Kaz guided me and my wife on safari. It was a great experience and heightened particularly by Kaz’s guiding skills and most pleasing manner. He was a super companion

Christine & Chris Cowell (Australia)

“Kaz is very knowledgeable about all wildlife aspects. He is very personable and one feels very safe with him. Kaz’s ability with collective nouns of animals is amazing.

Andy Cook (United Kingdom)

To anyone thinking of using Kaz Dube’s guiding services I can only say do it. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the African bush is both vast and infectious. He can tell you what’s happening all around whether it’s plants or animals, from the smallest Lichens to the biggest Elephants. His understanding of the whole ecosystem and how it all ties together kept me enthralled for hours while walking around seeing things I’d only previously dreamed of. Thank you Kaz for a wonderful time.

Deborah and Ian Law (Singapore)

“Having grown up in Africa we thought we were pretty knowledgeable on African wildlife, however a few magnificent walks with Kaz made us realize just how ignorant we were. Kaz’s immense knowledge includes not only the animals but the vast diversity of the birdlife, flora and fauna. Not one of our many questions went unanswered, and not one answer was disappointing. His sincere interest and passion for what he does has sparked a real desire to delve deeper and learn more about this beautiful wildlife. With Kaz you are in excellent and very safe hands and we cannot recommend him highly enough.

Tom Wilson (United Kingdom)

“Kaz is a highly experienced guide with an encyclopedic knowledge of wildlife, plants and trees. He led us with attention on safety and a wonderful sense of humor – we thoroughly recommend him”

Guy Shutt (United Kingdom)

Kaz, thanks again for showing us the wild dogs and mating lions!!!

James Hopwood (Noosa Heads, Queensland Australia)

Kaz is a guide of exceptional all-round ability and instills a calm and relaxed quality in guests he takes on walking safaris. His knowledge of animals, birds and trees is extraordinary. We would be confident to trust him in any situation which might arise while on a walking safari.

Lars Nordin (Oslo, Norway)

I have been on safari a number of times, and my favorite guide without exception is Kaz Dube. He has a wealth of knowledge that he presents in an engaging and educational manner. In addition, he has an understanding of the animals that helps put you at ease when walking in the wild. Thanks to him, we were able to sit with a pack of 18 wild dogs and view them closer up than any nature program could ever get you all the while being perfectly safe and protected under his ever-watchful eyes.

Peter Marley (Kent, England).

“In my many years of safaris I have never had such an experienced and knowledgeable guide. His deep understanding of animal behavior enabled us to get within 20 meters of a pack of wild dogs with curious puppies, and when surrounded by elephants, his calm guidance inspires complete confidence. Kaz has a fascinating knowledge of the entire ecosystem that gives one an immediate understanding of how the tiny details fit into the whole web of life. Thank you Kaz for a great experience.”

Barbara Gross Managing Director, Sabra Travel (Australia)

“We were fortunate enough to have Kaz as our guide. His guiding, his knowledge and his personal communication skills were all superb. He is fun to be with and made our stay so memorable. I can highly recommend him”

John Sisley (New Zealand)

As a guide Kaz has no equal that I am aware of. His ability to impart his knowledge of the African bush in a manner that stays with you long after the journey is over is incredible. I have been on many safaris but a few hours walking with Kaz taught me more about all aspects of the surrounding flora and fauna than I ever thought possible. A truly unique and wonderful experience that comes highly recommended.

Howard Morley (Auckland,New Zealand)

After visiting 5 different game parks in various African countries. It became very clear that without a guide who cared about what he did and understands the link between animal behavior and the environment any safari experience would not be complete. Without a doubt Kaz is the most informative professional guide I met up with. Great depth of knowledge that he shared willingly in a friendly easy to understand way. If you get the opportunity seek out and go with Kaz Dube

Suzanne and Stuart (Bermuda)

For those looking for the ultimate African safari, nothing can beat walking. The critical component, however, is the guide who makes the difference between an okay experience and an exceptional one. Having travelled with Kaz Dube, I can easily say he is a guide who will give you an outstanding safari. The slogan of his company is “stalking and approaching wildlife to capture photos and memories” which is exactly what we did the first afternoon we headed out with Kaz, creeping up on a pack of wild dogs, and then sitting amongst them for half an hour. On foot, it’s not just about the big things. The little things are just as fascinating, and Kaz is a fount of knowledge on everything you will discover in the bush. Not satisfied with just pointing things out and telling you what they are, Kaz makes you think about them and as a result, you come away knowing so much. As well as being hugely knowledgeable and highly experienced, Kaz is a lovely person with whom you will enjoy spending time. No detail is too small – he thinks of everything to make sure your experience is a memorable one. After many safaris in Africa, both in vehicles and on foot, Kaz definitely provided an unforgettable walking safari that rates amongst our highlights.

Tim Mordaunt & Sue Weterings (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

Myself my wife Sue and six other friends had the pleasure of having Kaz as our guide. We have travelled in Africa extensively enjoyed many safaris however Kaz is without doubt the best guide, the best expert, the most stimulating and interesting person we have encountered. We learned heaps, we were safe, we were challenged and we had fun. Kaz is a special person and all who experience his safaris will find the experience very special. We could not recommend him more highly.

Paul Conibear (Toronto, Canada)

Kaz was our host and guide and we were amazed at his knowledge which he shared with us of nature – animals, birds and the surroundings. His ability to spot game was incredible, and his walking safaris are his specialty. We have been to many wildlife safaris over time but being out with Kaz was a special experience, and we highly recommend him.

LTC Joseph E. (Ed) Williams (U.S. Army, Cavalry)

Kaz Dube is the best guide my wife and I have experienced during several safaris in Africa! His in-depth knowledge of both flora and fauna is exceptional! My wife and I plan to use his services again, we wouldn’t choose anyone else!

Alexi Zekas (Washington DC, USA)

With the knowledge of an Encyclopedia, the astuteness of the animals themselves, and a charismatic enthusiasm for showing his guests life in the untamed bush, Kaz Dube and his team bring you closer to Africa’s nature like never before.

Luke Proskine (San Francisco, Califonia)

“I had a fantastic safari with Kaz as my guide. He is incredibly knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to make sure each guest leaves with the best possible experience. I vividly remember when Kaz took me on a walking safari and positioned us about 15 meters from a pack of wild dogs as the sun was setting. I will never forget how magical that evening was…thanks Kaz!

Greg & Mary Moga (Seattle, U.S.A)

“Kaz is a lion of a safari guide! He is a terrific educator and naturalist, and more than that, great company in the bush. We recommend Kaz without reservation.”

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